Hy-Vee Internship - Aisles Online Mobile

Hy-Vee Internship - Aisles Online Mobile

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We’re building Aisles Online Mobile using React Native, while simultaneously working on our REST API and its GraphQL services. We’re an agile team made up of 4 devs, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX Designer, PO, Tech lead, and 1 intern (👋😄) with standards for TDD, 100% code coverage, and pair programming whenever possible. We’re well on schedule to release our app on both iOS and Android in June!
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Ben Mitchinson

Senior at Iowa studying Computer Science and Engineering, Hackathon and Game Jam organizer + participant, open source contributor, former Pres. of Computer Comfort, mentor for HackIowa, and Resident Assistant.

Computer Science + Engineering

Iowa City, IA