Computer Comfort 2018-19

Computer Comfort 2018-19

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A quick recap of everything the executive team accomplished for the 2018-2019 year of Computer Comfort, including its complete rebranding into Device Advice.

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Entering Year 3 of Computer Comfort 👵💻

This fall I'll be taking on the role of President for the Computer Comfort executive board, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been with the org for two years now, and immediately after my first semester of volunteering, I applied for a position on the board. I knew right away that the club was something I wanted to participate in throughout my four years at Iowa, and I've held leadership roles within the club ever since. In that time we've grown a ton, so I wanted to share a bit about what we've done for the community, and how we've grown as a student org on campus.

Our Mission Statement:

> "Computer Comfort strives to bridge the age gap in Iowa City by educating seniors on today’s technology while building strong relationships in the process."
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