⚡ Laserphonic

⚡ Laserphonic

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For a course in Digital Arts this semester, two friends and I grouped together to create a multichannel audio circuit for displaying “Chladni Figures” in a project we called “Laserphonic”.

Chladni Plate (Geek.com)Chladni Plate (Geek.com)

You may have seen these formations on plates such as the one shown above. We set out to recreate the resonant frequency effects visually using lasers, as a way for listeners and artists to see a real-time visualization of harmony and dissonance. We were inspired by Nathan J. Wall, who demoed a similar idea for an acoustics project at USF Music Tech in 2012.
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Ben Mitchinson

Senior at Iowa, Web Software Engineer. Hackathon and Game Jam organizer / participant, open source contributor, and former Pres. of Computer Comfort.

Web Software Engineer

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