For a course in Digital Arts this semester, two friends and I grouped together to create a multichannel audio circuit for displaying “Chladni Figures” in a project we called “Laserphonic”.

Chladni Plate ( Plate (

You may have seen these formations on plates such as the one shown above. We set out to recreate the resonant frequency effects visually using lasers, as a way for listeners and artists to see a real-time visualization of harmony and dissonance. We were inspired by Nathan J. Wall, who demoed a similar idea for an acoustics project at USF Music Tech in 2012.

Tools and Software

We used a Motu Ultralight mixer to channel out software instruments in Ableton. Our audio was a combination of pre-composed elements and improvisational input options for interactivity. Each channel was connected through our circuit to a small speaker, covered in a stretched balloon, with a piece of broken mirror fixed to the top.


We earned an A for the presentation, and were very pleased with the final result! Watching people react to our work and be able to play piano in a new way was great.