We’re building Aisles Online Mobile using React Native, while simultaneously working on our REST API and its GraphQL services. We’re an agile team made up of 4 devs, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX Designer, PO, Tech lead, and 1 intern (👋😄) with standards for TDD, 100% code coverage, and pair programming whenever possible. We’re well on schedule to release our app on both iOS and Android in June!

Downloads: iOSAndroid

I’ll be updating this post as my summer internship continues, but here’s a look into everything I’ve been able to learn and contribute to the Hy-Vee Aisles Online App so far. The engineers on my team are incredibly talented, so learning from them has been a privilege each and every day.

Week 1:

  • Set the Mrs. Pac-Man High Score 👾
  • Jumping into React-Native
  • Completed a course on Redux
  • Implementing code with central immutable state
  • Querying Graph QL using Apollo through dispatch calls
  • Debugging using RN Investigator within AVD

Week 2:

  • Writing a REST endpoint to relay SQL table data
  • Creating a Graph QL Resolver for that endpoint
  • Writing React Unit Tests using RTL
  • Using Postman to test written API services
  • Building Graph QL queries

Week 3:

  • Using Sketch mockups to implement a styled component
  • Utilizing Sentry error reports for bug fixes
  • Finding bugs in group manual testing
  • Mocking with stubs and spys for Jest tests

Week 4:

  • Creating Redux action creators
  • Configuring Apollo client plug-ins
  • Limiting unnecessary component renders using lifecycle methods

Week 5:

  • Using Testflight deployment paths for deploying to beta testers
  • Scripting mobile interaction tests
  • Configuring Firebase for CMS driven content
  • Working with UI/UX dev for layout tests

Week 6:

  • Submitting our public release build on both iOS and Android
  • Adding new guest user flow after App Store review
  • Configuring multiple apollo clients

Week 7:

  • July 1st Public Launch!
  • Using React-Native-Link to update new Icon assets
  • Creating new Icon assets out of SVGs

Week 8:

  • Using Google Analytics to study user flow / funnelling
  • Creating new endpoints and generating respective GraphQL resolvers
  • lots of bug fixes from launch